responsive design website

An increase in web traffic from mobile devices in Europe prompted an update of

Nevvix built a responsive website using:

The client focuses on writing content; the framework does the technical rendering. home page


PHP framework is built with the Nevvix PHP website framework to render web pages in a path structure that the client can understand.

Paths on the server are mirroring the paths in a directory hierarchy on her local computer.


responsive design framework

The primary goal of this project was to make a responsive website viewable on mobile devices, tablets and desktops is using the Bootstrap framework for rendering CSS styles that adapt web pages at different viewport sizes. iPhone 6 portrait page iPad mini portrait page tour page


image gallery

The photos on are taken by the client herself. Nevvix needed to emphasize all her beautiful photos in a gallery that is viewable even on a smartphone.

Fotorama provides a gallery that is responsive for different viewports. The images can be swiped on a mobile device or tablet. The full-screen mode on any device makes these amazing photos stand out.



Instead of serving all the photos from the web host provider, the photos are hosted on Flickr. We avoid duplication of images on the web server.

Nevvix built jQuery code with an AJAX call to retrieve a JSON response to get all the URLs of photos with the same tag. These URLs then populate the Fotorama gallery. destination page with fotorama


development environment

Nevvix and the client needed the share files in an environment separate from the production web server. Using FTP to upload and download files to a web server to synchronize local directories was too time-consuming. We were making backups of the files we were uploading just in case we had to rollback.

Cloud9 is a browser-based file editing environment that allows Nevvix and the client to work on the same set of files and directories in a development environment. Dreamhost became exclusively the production environment for this project.


version control hosting

Version control became very important for incremental changes to shared files and directories — it removed the local backups. But we were now working in a share environment with Cloud9. We didn't want to FTP from Cloud9 to Dreamhost.

The codebase is hosted on Bitbucket servers and allows fast deployment to Dreamhost with a few Git commands from either Nevvix's development environment or the Cloud9 environment. accommodation page

Contact form

The Nevvix PHP website framework has a form module that customizes a web form quickly, integrating Bootstrap CSS styles.

The form is secure, validates data entry, displays errors to the user when validation fails, and emails out the posted result to the client.


The Nevvix PHP website framework is localization-ready right from the start. is ready to be displayed in more than one language.

The client is planning to have localized in Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian. booking form page

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