Web applications

Maintain data and reports securely anywhere in the world through the Internet or on your intranet with a custom-made database-driven web application.


Increase your client's perception of trust, expertise and credibility with a responsive design website that displays correctly on mobile devices, tablets or desktops.


Eliminate hours of repetitive Excel tasks every day per employee. Nevvix creates task automation using Excel VBA macros to reduce time spent on spreadsheets by 360% and more.


Delegate your I.T. works to Nevvix when your I.T. needs don't justify an I.T. department or even one full-time I.T. employee. Hire Nevvix for software development.

Nevvix specializes in:

design and development

Website and webapp

Website and webapp

repair and refactoring

automated testing

Automated data
import and export

Nevvix's impact in your organization

Increased productivity

Your staff will actually enjoy using our solution because it saves them time, frustration and repetition. Their productivity will increase and so will yours.

Efficient and consistent data processing and reporting

The elimination of repetitive actions through custom software or spreadsheet macros will also eliminate human errors to process data and produce reports consistently and accurately.

Significant savings of time and money

We create solutions that literally save time at a ratio of 100:1.

  • A spreadsheet that takes a staff 2 days to produce manually now takes 10 minutes to process automatically.
  • A report that takes 2-3 hours to produce now takes 1 minute.

When you calculate the time saved by using our solution multiplied by the number of staff using it, you realize how significant the time and money savings are.

Lower software license costs

We can work with your existing commercial software or we can use open source software to build a solution that will save your organization from paying thousands of dollars in commercial software licenses.

Recent projects

smi : social media icons & links plugin showcase page

A page to showcase a PHP plugin that creates a custom social media icon bar without iframes or spying analytics.

Launched the smi plugin and its web page in November 2015!

CinqueTerre-travel.com responsive web design project showcase page

A responsive web page showcasing the technical aspects of the CinqueTerre-travel.com website.

Launched the CinqueTerre-travel.com project page in November 2015!

Responsive Web Design by Nevvix sales page

A sales page targeted at European businesses to convert their website to responsive web design to capture more mobile user sales using the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, the Responsivebp.com framework, Google's reCaptcha.

Launched the Responsive Web Design by Nevvix sales page
Thursday, July 2, 2015!

CinqueTerre-travel.com responsive design

An increase in web traffic from mobile devices in Europe prompted an update of CinqueTerre.hu and CinqueTerre-travel.com using the Bootstrap responsive design framework, the Flickr API, the Fotorama image gallery plugin along with Nevvix's own web framework.

Launched the new responsive version of CinqueTerre-travel.com
Friday, April 24, 2015!

Victorian Hotel responsive design website

The Victorian Hotel website is now viewable on mobile devices.

Transferred victorianhotel.ca website to WordPress with a responsive theme. Adapted the CSS styles to match the legacy website's colours and fonts. Implemented the Fotorama image gallery plugin. Created a new full-width image front page with slideshow.

Launched the new responsive version of victorianhotel.ca
December 2014!

PHP / Ruby / JavaScript localization libraries

Currently developing localization libraries in PHP, Ruby and JavaScript languages to facilitate the integration of localization (L10n) code on websites and web applications.

Documenting localization strategies for relational database schema, HTML templates, JavaScript libraries, PHP and Ruby classes, and MVC frameworks.